Lil Bo was built as a hot dog stand featuring outdoor seating, a drive up window and an annual ritual of making sauerkraut in the basement. Located in the heart of Little Bohemia as this area of Traverse City was known, and being of Bohemian decent, the original owner named Lil Bo in honor of the Bohemian community that settled on the western perimeter of the city. Lil Bo immediately became the gathering place on Saturday nights. Today the ethnic group has scattered, but Lil Bo has stood the test of time and still maintains its original name. At the end of prohibition the building was expanded to include a tavern (ending the making of moonshine in the basement) and its popularity continued to grow into the Traverse City landmark and icon it is today.

The Scott family, long-time Traverse City residents, are the proud new owners of the former Little Bohemia restaurant at 540 W Front St. The property was purchased by husband and wife team, Matt Gaffy and Lisa Scott, with sisters Jenni and Lisa Scott taking majority ownership of the Lil Bo bar and restaurant, along with their parents Doug and Marge. Lisa emphasizes how important it is for this adventure to be majority-owned and operated by the women in their family.

The restaurant reopened in July 2021 as "Lil Bo" with Jenni Scott as Owner-Operator. Jenni, owner and chef of Betty's Hot Dish, is renowned for her award-winning chili, killer Po' Boys and her love of bringing people together with homestyle comfort food.

The opportunity to recreate Lil Bo's laid-back atmosphere and bygone era of the central TC neighborhood where the Scotts grew up is a dream come true for Jenni and family. Jenni's menu is family friendly and changes seasonally, offering sure-to-be favorites for everyone.

As a family-run business, the Scotts are committed to retaining Lil Bo's identity as a neighborhood family tavern, saving much of its nostalgic interior dating back 92 years and the familiarity and fun of local music and happy hour specials. With some welcomed new additions on the horizon, most of what locals expect from the new Lil Bo will be there on your first visit. Smiles, cold beer, great food and good vibes. No fancy attire required.